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What Are the Romance Languages

What Are the Romance Languages The word romance connotes love and wooing, but when it has a capital R, as in Romance languages, it probably refers to a set of languages based on Latin, the language of the ancient Romans. Latin was the language of the Roman Empire, but the classical Latin that was written by the literati like Cicero was not the language of daily life. It was certainly not the language soldiers and traders took with them to the edges of Empire, like Dacia (modern Romania), on the northern and eastern frontier. What Was Vulgar Latin? Romans spoke and wrote graffiti in a less polished language than they used in their literature. Even Cicero wrote plainly in personal correspondence. The simplified Latin language of the common (Roman) people is called Vulgar Latin because Vulgar is an adjectival form of the Latin for the crowd. This makes Vulgar Latin the peoples language. It was this language that the soldiers took with them and that interacted with native languages and the language of later invaders, particularly the Moors and Germanic invasions, to produce the Romance languages throughout the area that had once been the Roman Empire. Fabulare Romanice By the 6th century, to speak in the Latin-derived language was to fabulare romanice, according to Portuguese: a Linguistic Introduction, by Milton Mariano Azevedo (from the Spanish and Portuguese Department at the University of California at Berkeley). Romanice was an adverb suggesting in the Roman manner that was shortened to romance; whence, Romance languages. Simplifications of Latin Some of the general changes to Latin were the loss of terminal consonants, diphthongs tended to be reduced to simple vowels, the distinctions between long and short versions of the same vowels were losing significance, and, together with the decline in terminal consonants that provided case endings, led to a loss of inflection, according to Nicholas Ostler in Ad Infinitum: A Biography of Latin. The Romance languages, therefore, needed another way to show the roles of words in sentences, so the relaxed word order of Latin was replaced with a fairly fixed order. RomanianRoman Province: DaciaOne of the changes to Vulgar Latin made in Romania was that an unstressed o became u, so you may see Rumania (the country) and Rumanian (the language), instead of Romania and Romanian. (Moldova-)Romania is the only country in the Eastern European area that speaks a Romance language. At the time of the Romans, the Dacians may have spoken a Thracian language. The Romans fought the Dacians during the reigns of Trajan who defeated their king, Decebalus. Men from Dacia became Roman soldiers who learned the language of their commanders Latin and brought it home with them when they settled in Dacia upon retirement. Missionaries also brought Latin to Romania. Later influences on Romanian came from Slavic immigrants.Reference: The History of the Romanian Language.ItalianItalian emerged from further simplification of Vulgar Latin in the Italic peninsula. The language is also spoken in San Marino as the official language, and in Switzerland, as one of the official languages. In the 12th to 13th century, the vernacular spoken in Tuscany (formerly the area of the Etruscans) became the standard written language, now known as Italian. A spoken language based on the written version became standard in Italy in the 19th century.References: Italian - Language Information and ResourcesHistory of the Italian Language From a Local Tuscan Dialect to the Language of a New Nation - From Italian at About.comPortugueseRoman Province: LusitaniaOrbilat says that the language of the Romans practically wiped out the earlier language of the Iberian peninsula when the Romans conquered the area in the third century B.C. Latin was a prestige language, so it was in the interest of the population to learn it. Over time the language spoken on the west coast of the peninsula came to be Galician-Portuguese, but when Galicia became part of Spain, the two language groups split.Reference: Portuguese: a Linguistic Introduction, by Milton Mariano AzevedoGallicianRoman Province: Gallicia/Gallaecia.The area of Gallicia was inhabited by Celts when the Romans conquered the area and made it a Roman province, so the native Celtic language mixed with Vulgar Latin from the second century B.C. Germanic invaders also had an impact on the language.Referenc e: Galician Spanish (Castilian)Latin Term: HispaniaThe Vulgar Latin in Spain from the 3rd century B.C. was simplified in various ways, including the reduction of cases to just the subject and object. In 711, Arabic came to Spain via the Moors, and as a result, there are Arabic borrowings in the modern language. Castilian Spanish comes from the 9th century when Basques influenced the speech. Steps towards its standardization took place in the 13th becoming the official language in the 15th century. An archaic form called Ladino was preserved among Jewish populations forced to leave in the 15th century.References:CastilianWhy Is Spanish Sometimes Called Castilian? - Guide to SpanishCatalanRoman Province: Hispania (Citerior).Catalan is spoken in Catalonia, Valencia, Andorra, the Balearic Isles, and other small regions. The area of Catalonia spoke Vulgar Latin but was influenced heavily by the southern Gauls in the 8th century,  becoming a distinct language by the 10th century.Reference: Catalan FrenchRoman Province: Gallia Transalpina.French is spoken in France, Switzerland, and Belgium, in Europe. The Romans in the Gallic Wars, under Julius Caesar, brought Latin to Gaul in the 1st century B.C. At the time they were speaking a Celtic language known as Gaulish. Germanic Franks invaded in the early 5th century. By the time of Charlemagne (d. A.D. 814), the language of the French was already sufficiently removed from Vulgar Latin to be called Old French. Comprehensive List of Romance Languages of Today With Locations Linguists may prefer a list of the Romance languages with more detail and more thorough. Ethnologue, a publication of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc (SIL), contains a comprehensive list of languages of the world, including languages that are dying. Here are the names, geographic divisions and national locations of major divisions of the modern Romance languages given by Ethnologue. Eastern Aromanian (Greece)Romanian (Romania)Romanian, Istro (Croatia)Romanian, Megleno (Greece) Italo-Western Italo-DalmatianIstriot (Croatia)Italian (Italy)Judeo-Italian (Italy)Napoletano-Calabrese (Italy)Sicilian (Italy)WesternGallo-IberianGallo-RomanceGallo-ItalianEmiliano-Romagnolo (Italy)Ligurian (Italy)Lombard (Italy)Piemontese (Italy)Venetian (Italy)Gallo-RhaetianOilFrenchSoutheasternFrance-ProvencalRhaetianFriulian (Italy)Ladin (Italy)Romansch (Switzerland)Ibero-RomanceEast IberianCatalan-Valencian Balear (Spain)OcOccitan (France)Shuadit (France)West IberianAustro-LeoneseAsturian (Spain)Mirandese (Portugal)CastilianExtremaduran (Spain)Ladino (Israel)SpanishPortuguese-GalicianFala (Spain)Galician (Spain)PortuguesePyrenean-MozarabicPyrenean Southern CorsicanCorsican (France)SardinianSardinian, Campidanese (Italy)Sardinian, Gallurese (Italy)Sardinian, Logudorese (Italy)Sardinian, Sassarese (Italy) For more details, see: Lewis, M. Paul (ed.), 2009. Ethnologue: Languages of the World, Sixteenth edition. Dallas, Tex.: SIL International. Online.

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Trata de personas y efectos migratorios en EEUU

Trata de personas y efectos migratorios en EEUU La trata de personas es una felonà ­a grave en el que una persona –el victimario– capta, recluta, transporta o aloja a la và ­ctima mediante el uso de fuerza fà ­sica, amenazas, secuestro, fraude, mentiras o abuso de situacià ³n de superioridad. El fin es explotar a la và ­ctima sexualmente o forzarla a trabajar en condiciones similares a la esclavitud o a la servidumbre, o para extraer de su cuerpo uno o varios à ³rganos. Tambià ©n se considera trata de personas forzar a la và ­ctima a mendigar, a producir pornografà ­a, a contraer un matrimonio de conveniencia, a vender a un hijo o a operar como soldado o guerrillero. Este artà ­culo informa sobre la situacià ³n del trfico de personas en EE.UU., las leyes que aplican a este delito, las exenciones migratorias para las và ­ctimas y quà © hacer si se sospecha de trfico de personas. Puntos clave: Trata de personas y efectos migratorios en EEUU En el delito de trata de personas, el victimario engaà ±a o fuerza a la và ­ctima, quien es explotada sexual o laboralmente.En EE.UU. la trata de personas es un delito federal castigado con penas de 10 aà ±os a cadena perpetua. El extranjero condenado por esta felonà ­a es deportado.Las và ­ctimas de trata de personas en EE.UU. pueden solicitar la visa T para permanecer en el paà ­s junto con sus familiares inmediatos.Para reportar trata de personas o solicitar ayuda, marque gratis y confidencialmente al 1 (888) 373-7888. Se habla espaà ±ol. Datos sobre el trfico de personas en Estados Unidos La Organizacià ³n Mundial del Trabajo estima que, en la actualidad, 25 millones de personas en todo el mundo son và ­ctimas de trata de personas, siendo el 75 por ciento de ellas mujeres o nià ±os. Este es un problema que tambià ©n existe en Estados Unidos, por lo que las leyes de este paà ­s establecen castigos para los victimarios y ayuda para las và ­ctimas. Adems, si las và ­ctimas son extranjeras, podrà ­an calificar para el alivio migratorio o exencià ³n conocido como visa T para và ­ctimas de trfico humano. Segà ºn Polaris, la principal agencia de lucha contra la trata de personas en Estados Unidos, cientos de miles de personas son và ­ctimas de este delito. En el aà ±o 2017, se reportaron a la Là ­nea Caliente Nacional del Trfico de Personas (NHTH, por sus siglas en inglà ©s) un total de 8.759 casos de trata de personas en el paà ­s, que afectaron a ms de 10.000 và ­ctimas, casi 5.000 victimarios y 1.500 negocios. Las principales causas de denuncia por trata de personas fueron la explotacià ³n sexual, donde la edad media de las và ­ctimas era de 19 aà ±os, seguido de la combinacià ³n de explotacià ³n sexual y abuso laboral que se desarrolla en lugares como locales de masaje ilegales, strip clubs o cantinas. En tercer lugar de frecuencia en los casos de denuncia figura la explotacià ³n laboral, incluyendo casos de servidumbre domà ©stica, explotacià ³n en el trabajo agrà ­cola y mendicidad forzada. Del total de casos reportados, el 80 por ciento de las và ­ctimas eran mujeres y nià ±as, y el 35 por ciento de los casos en los que se reportà ³ el grupo à ©tnico, este era el latino. Leyes de EEUU sobre trata de personas y sus castigos En Estados Unidos, las leyes federales sobre trata de personas son las ms importantes y tienen aplicacià ³n en todo el paà ­s. La ms relevante es la Ley de Proteccià ³n de Và ­ctimas de Trfico Humano (TVPA, por sus siglas en inglà ©s) que se aprobà ³ en el aà ±o 2000 y que incluyà ³ a este delito dentro de la categorà ­a de crà ­menes federales. Adems, creà ³ la visa T para proteger a los migrantes và ­ctimas de trata de personas. Tambià ©n son importantes el conjunto de leyes que se conoce como Ley de Reautorizacià ³n de Proteccià ³n de Và ­ctimas de Trfico Humano (TVPRA, por sus siglas en inglà ©s) y que fueron aprobadas entre 2003 y 2013. En particular destaca la de 2003, en la que se establece que el delito de trfico humano puede ser juzgado de acuerdo a las provisiones del Estatuto de Organizaciones del Crimen Organizado, conocido en inglà ©s por las siglas RICO. En otras palabras, a los acusados de trfico humano se les puede juzgar con las mismas leyes que aplican a la mafia. Tambià ©n es de destacar la ley aprobada en 2008, la cual exige que se examine a todos los nià ±os que llegan solos a la frontera de Estados Unidos para determinar si son và ­ctimas de trata de personas. Finalmente, la Ley Mann de 1910 que califica de felonà ­a el persuadir o forzar a otra persona a cruzar de un estado a otro para ejercer la prostitucià ³n y que es utilizada frecuentemente para juzgar el delito de trata de personas. Todas estas leyes estn codificadas en el Capà ­tulo 78, Tà ­tulo 22 del Cà ³digo de los Estados Unidos. Por à ºltimo, cabe destacar que adems de las leyes federales, aplican las leyes del estado donde se cometa el delito. En cuanto al castigo por trata de personas, las penas pueden ir de diez aà ±os a cadena perpetua, dependiendo de las caracterà ­sticas del crimen. Adems, es posible perder la propiedad sobre las instalaciones en las que se hubiera alojado a las và ­ctimas extranjeras de este delito, en aplicacià ³n de la Ley de Incautacià ³n de Bienes Civiles (CAFRA, por sus siglas en inglà ©s). Asimismo, si el victimario condenado por la felonà ­a de trata de personas es extranjero, ser deportado al cumplir su pena de prisià ³n. Dichas personas son consideradas, desde el punto de vista migratorio, como inadmisibles para ingresar a Estados Unidos. Exencià ³n o alivio migratorio para và ­ctimas de trata de personas Cada aà ±o fiscal, las autoridades de Estados Unidos aprueban un mximo de 5.000 visas T para và ­ctimas de trata de personas. Los beneficiados y sus familiares inmediatos pueden quedarse en el paà ­s y solicitar, a los tres aà ±os, una tarjeta de residencia permanente, tambià ©n conocida como green card. Para obtener este beneficio migratorio es necesario cumplir una serie de requisitos estrictos. En primer lugar, ser và ­ctima de trata de personas calificada como grave. Tienen dicha consideracià ³n las và ­ctimas de trfico sexual y las de trfico laboral. En segundo lugar, la và ­ctima debe estar presente en Estados Unidos, Samoa Americana, Islas Marianas Americanas o en un puerto de entrada. En este à ºltimo caso, la razà ³n debe ser precisamente porque en ese momento se est intentando ingresar a la và ­ctima a EE.UU. para explotarla sexual o laboralmente. En tercer lugar, para recibir la visa T, la và ­ctima de trata de personas debe colaborar con las autoridades en la investigacià ³n del caso. La à ºnica excepcià ³n aplica a los menores de 18 aà ±os, si no estuvieran en condiciones de hacerlo. En cuarto lugar, la và ­ctima debe ser considerada admisible desde el punto de vista migratorio o, si no lo es, solicitar y obtener un perdà ³n o waiver correspondiente.Y en quinto y à ºltimo lugar, la và ­ctima debe demostrar que sufrirà ­a dureza extrema en forma de daà ±o inusual y severo si tuviera que regresar a su paà ­s de origen. Para solicitar la visa T la và ­ctima debe enviar al Servicio de Inmigracià ³n y Ciudadanà ­a (USCIS, por sus siglas en inglà ©s) el formulario gratuito I-914 y acompaà ±arlo del I-914 Suplemento B. Debido a la complejidad de estas visas y a la situacià ³n de indocumentados de los solicitantes es altamente recomendable contar con la asesorà ­a de un abogado para dichas planillas. Adems, si la và ­ctima solicita la visa para sus familiares, debe tambià ©n enviar al USCIS el formulario I-914 Suplemento A. En cuanto a los familiares que pueden incluirse, la respuesta depende de la edad de la và ­ctima. Asà ­, si tiene 21 aà ±os de edad o ms, puede solicitar la visa T para su cà ³nyuge y para sus hijos solteros menores de 21 aà ±os. Por el contrario, si la và ­ctima es menor de 21 aà ±os, puede solicitar la visa para su cà ³nyuge, hijos, padres y hermanos solteros menores de 18 aà ±os. Si el gobierno aprueba la visa T, su beneficiario obtendr al mismo tiempo un permiso de trabajo. La visa es vlida por tres aà ±os y al finalizar ese plazo se puede solicitar la tarjeta de residencia permanente mediante trmite que se conoce como ajuste de estatus. Mientras se resuelve la solicitud de la visa T, los solicitantes deben consultar sobre los posibles beneficios que pueda brindar el estado en donde residen. Por ejemplo, en California se podrà ­a tener derecho a ocho meses de asistencia econà ³mica, adems de cupones de alimentos y seguro mà ©dico a travà ©s de Medi-Cal. Sin embargo, teniendo en cuenta los cambios legislativos recientes sobre quà © es beneficio pà ºblico y sus efectos migratorios, se recomienda consultar con un abogado antes de solicitarlos.  ¿Dà ³nde reportar sospechas de trfico de personas y encontrar organizaciones de ayuda? Polaris es la organizacià ³n sin fin de lucro a cargo de la là ­nea caliente nacional para reportar el delito de trata de personas o solicitar ayuda. Se puede marcar gratuita y confidencialmente al 1(888) 373-7888, donde atienden en ms de 200 idiomas, incluido el espaà ±ol. Tambià ©n se puede contactar en las redes sociales o enviando el mensaje de texto BeFree al 233733. Adems, todas las grandes organizaciones de ayuda a los migrantes pueden ayudar a las và ­ctimas o referirlas adecuadamente. Finalmente, Kids in Need of Defense y Coalition to Abolish Slavery Trafficking son dos organizaciones muy comprometidas a brindar ayuda en casos de trata de personas, incluida la asesorà ­a legal a migrantes. Este es un artà ­culo informativo. No es asesorà ­a legal.

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Capston research project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Capston research project - Essay Example Alternatively, it may be handled by offsetting the balance of the inventory allowances in the books of account. In most cases, the inventory write-downs are small in value and in case of a larger value; the same is treated as a non-recurring financial loss. In the company’s income statement, the same can be reflected as an above-the-line expense. However, according to the IAS 1, companies are usually required to show separate disclosures for the inventory write-downs in the financial statements; taking into consideration that the inventory write-downs are items of near to the ground resolution. Accordingly, the International Accounting Standards 1 (IAS 1) requires that an organization provides sufficient information with regard to the issues that affects the significant events in the organization. The provided information should also be able to warrant a much better understanding of the company’s financial status. The greatest danger that lies for the company should it fail to include the write-downs of inventory in the financial statements is that it may lead to an overestimation of the earnings persistence by the company’s investors. Failure to do this is a great concern and as a partner in the audit process, I would seriously take this into consideration and seek to understand further basing on logical reasoning why the same was not included. Second, the failure to include the write-downs of inventory may lead to other significant effects of ethical and financial concerns to the audit process and the company in broad-spectrum such as, disproportionate compensations to the managers of the firm, frequent incidences in which fraud is concealed from the knowledge of the shareholders by the accounting and financial officers. Third, the failure may further lead to other unethical and of financial concern consequences such as the shareholders of the company losing faith and belief in the firm’s management ability to control its operation s and finances. Additionally, it may be grievous for the firm to fail to recognize the inventory write-downs

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Principles of Organization and Management Essay

Principles of Organization and Management - Essay Example They have nearly 523 branches spread all across the world. ASDA recently purchased the famous Netto stores for ?778 million, with the sole aim of gaining an upper hand in the UK retail industry. ASDA has faced several problems in the past, to the level of collecting money from various sources including their shareholders to avoid bankruptcy in 1991 and 1993. It has emerged out successfully through various leaps and bounces in the past under the guidance of great leaders like Norman Archie. ASDA’s revival using various principles of organization and management under the leadership of Norman had been studied by various experts all over the world. The paper explores the various strategies used by ASDA to overcome the cultural and economic barriers it faced during its grim past. It also lists the new set of challenges the new COO has to face in today’s highly competitive market and analyzes the scope for ASDA to overcome the new set of challenges. Literary Review ASDA was a t the brim of declaring bankruptcy when Norman Archie came into ASDA as the only applicant for the CEO position of the company. He used various strategies to ensure the company became a successful leader in the retail sector. Within a short span of time, he was able to transform a company at the brink of closing, into a highly successful one. Norman used three strategies reengineering, rewarding and doing it within a given time frame to achieve this impossible feat. Reengineering a company is no easy task. It is simply not enough to patch up the mistakes. The basic structure has to be changed completely by questioning the long time procedures (Hammer & Champy, 1993). Norman did exactly the same to ASDA. The company was highly hierarchical and the upper management used very traditional ways of management. Most of the well paid senior officers were very bureaucratic, preventing any productive changes. He simply did not go about doing the same mistakes other CEO's did. He challenged th e basic structure the company was working. He made every employee in the organization share the vision for reviving ASDA. He never stopped recruitment, treated the low level employees with respect and found out what exactly was lacking in the company. â€Å"The new view is that marketing is the science and art of finding, retaining and growing profitable customers (Kotler , 2008).† Norman reinvented the marketing strategies to increase sales. He understood the core problem in ASDA was it was trying to sell too many things without focus. He streamlined the importance to food and clothing products. His new Spice Girls branded items and marketing during the 1997 Christmas did the much expected trick, increasing their sales considerably. Time is the basic essence. It is an important variable in formulating any strategy and implementing it (Tony Morden). Norman was very clear about what he wanted to achieve at what time interval. Any company would be able to prove its mettle in th e long run. But, its real capability can be measured only when the target is achieved in a given time even under huge pressure. Norman made this magic happen in three short years starting from 1996 – 1999 quite swiftly. "You get more of the behaviour you reward. You don't get what you hope for, ask for, wish for or beg for. You get what you reward." Michael le Boeuf Norman made it a point to involve everyone in the process of reengineering and rewarded each and every behaviour he found useful or appreciable. The employees felt the

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Case Study: Office Depot Essay -- Business Case Study

(1) What marketing orientation or approach does Office Depot appear to be using now? How does Office Depot create value for its customers? Describe two things it could do it move it more toward implementing the marketing concept. After the situation has been addressed by Steve Haines, Office Depot appears to be using a societal marketing concept approach. A societal marketing approach is carried out by making good marketing decisions through considering consumers’ wants, the company’s requirements, consumers’ long-run interests, and society’s long-run interests. This tactic focuses on delivering value to customers to improve the consumer and the society’s well-being. Office Depot appears to be focusing on the building profitable customer relationships process of marketing to build value. They are taking their customer relationship management process into account to build their customer relations by delivering superior customer value and satisfaction. They are also realizing that their customers are very important to the success of their firm and are striving to fix any problems associated with their actions. They are trying to create value for their customers by building strong relationships for more reasons than just the idea of profits. A business’s marketing aim is to build specific relationships with the â€Å"right† customers. It is essential to create value for these targeted customers and to obtain a higher customer equity. Two things that Office Depot should do to move it more toward carrying out the marketing concept could include addressing the issues with their services directly to the employees and allowing their customers to realize that their feedback is greatly appreciated and that their ideas and opinions will b... ...s customer service operation and learned of Steve's story, what steps would you take? I would be very upset if I were in charge of Office Depot's customer service operation and learned of Steve's story. I would take several steps to try to resolve the situation. It would be a good idea to require my employees to take several courses that focus on stressing specific customer relations skills. I would also design a policy that each employee would be required to follow when dealing with customers. This would ensure that all employees were displaying good customer relation skills. I also think that it would be a good idea to individually address this specific situation to the employee involved. Maybe, for example, the employee is not aware of what he is doing wrong. Employees need to be individually and specially trained in their field of association with the company.

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Public Handwash, Why Should They And Why They Don’t

Public Handwash, Why Should They And Why They Don’tFunny how little attention is paid to the importance of washing hands? After all, who does not know about it? Isnt it something we all learnt at a very tender age? It may appear to be a common sense thing. It is known that the hands are so much active in ones everyday life. It is the hands that touch everything and do all the work whether clean or dirty. Hands are therefore the routes through which germs and bacteria get their way into the body and eventually causing infections. According to Larson, et al, (2003), there is the need to always keep the hands clean and at all times. Keeping the hands clean prevents transmission of germs and prevents sickness and illnesses to oneself as well as to others. Others tend to trivialize the whole idea and overlook it. It is hard to believe the number of people who get their hands contaminated but will not wash them. Is washing of hands for some people?After all, some get dirtier than ot hers, don’t they? What with the gardener, the mechanic and all those known to indulge in jobs known to be dirty? Is it only the young children who need to be reminded to wash their hands because they have been out playing? Is it only the women or those preparing food that should continuously wash their hands? Washing of hands is not for a particular kind of people but for everybody. This is so by the fact that everyone’s hands are contaminated from time to time. It is surprising though to realize that even such people as doctors and nurses go without washing hands, considering that they sing the monotonous song to everybody of washing hands. Are they not the role models? Don’t they understand the reason behind it more than any one else?Some people who are adversely affected by this are school children. They are known to be very playful and they tend to use their hands. This exposes them to the hazard of getting infected because they are likely to forget to wash their hands and come lunchtime, they will use the same hands to eat without even hint of what they might be taking in.The fact that there is public handwash indicates the essence of the washing of hands. It is not necessary that your hands be soiled so that you can be convinced to wash them. You will be surprised to know how much dirty your hands are, much as they may appear clean. Whether in the hospitals, schools or restaurants, washing of hands is mandatory. It is shocking to come to the realization that only few people wash their hands after visiting the toilet.Is it because of the notions that the people have about these public places? Most people are known to view these public toilets and washrooms as dirty places. Does this excuse them from washing their hands? There are numerous reasons that call for one to see to it that their hands are washed regardless of whether they appear dirty or not. Just like I have said above, one has no option but to ensure that his hands are wash ed immediately after visiting the toilet. This is because there are so many germs that are got here and failure to wash hands dictates spread of germs and bacteria known to cause sickness and illnesses.The human body is one source of harmful germs and so one should ensure that he has washed hands after touching bare human body. One should also make it a duty to wash hands after handling animals. This much affects people who have pets like cats and dogs. These animals are known to be the carry a lot of germs and bacteria harmful to ones health as they cause illnesses.Before handling any food, one must wash hands to avoid contaminating it. This prevents harmful germs from being transferred from the  Hands to the food and consequently into the body through the mouth, (Roberts, 2001). Again, it is essential that one wash the hands after coughing, sneezing or even scratching. It is unbelievable the germs that are transmitted through sneezing or coughing. There is the need to wash hands frequently because every one is likely to touch the eyes or nose or any other sensitive body part that is likely to cause transmission of the germs from the hands and causing diseases. Last but not least, one should ensure that hands have been washed after handling soiled equipment. The fact that the equipment is already soiled is a clear indication of the need to wash the hands.This brings us to the key reason of discussing public handwash: its importance! To begin with, handwashing is essential to stop the spread of germs and bacteria that cause infections. Preventing sicknesses and illnesses subsequently prevents you from missing classes, job or social activities. This is so in that you do not go down with any infection that may have been caused by the germs. Washing of hands is particularly mandatory for the hospital workers. As the truth is, they are constantly in contact with sick people who may be secreting body fluids. This increases the chances of the doctor or nurse to ha ve hospital-acquired infections. It is therefore only wise for these health workers to wash their hands after every short while.Washing of hands not only keeps an individual safe from infections but it also keeps everyone else healthy. In The Journal, December 16,2006, it is promised that one cannot transmit germs from themselves to the next person as they have their hands washed and free from any germs. This applies largely in the context that one is preparing food for others. The chance of having germs transmitted from the hands to the food is drastically reduced owing to the fact that hands have been washed. People should always see to it that they have washed their hands before getting into the house. More applicable is the duty to wash hands before handling anything in the house. This ensures that no germs from outside have been brought into the house.I have always wondered why someone would think it ok to use the bathroom and comfortably check out without washing his or her ha nds. Don’t they know the kind of germs they can spread? I can bet women do it so acceptably; walking right out of the stall and out the exit door without so much as a care. Men on the other hand are not any better. In fact they are on the worse side. Now, someone has their hands on the same surfaces that you will be using soon after and still you don’t bother to wash your own hands after you are through? Something is just so wrong, or what shall I say about it?There are still people known not to wash their hands at all. Do these people have a valid reason why they should not? Aren’t they at the same risk with everyone else of contracting infections? One of the biggest reasons why some people don’t wash hands is if one is a man. Fewer men are known to wash their hands after visiting the public restroom than women. The crucial fact is that both men and women are at the same risk of getting infected with diseases if the hands are not washed. It is not so muc h that the men are incapable of contracting diseases but rather it is the issue about gender. The men see it as though it is only the women and childern who should have their hands washed while they overlook it altogether. It is disheartening when such simple task is not carried out as expected. Doesn’t it only require soap and water to have the whole thing done? Its not even like it takes long, yet it is a task not done by many.So much about people not feeling like washing their hands. It is very well known that some public restrooms and washrooms are not anything to write home about. In fact if the truth is to be told, they are so disgusting such that no one would wish to use them. This therefore becomes a reason why one would not use the public handwash facilities.Having talked about washing hands as a way of preventing spread of germs, it does not necessarily follow. By saying this, I want to bring into the limelight the fact that public handwashing may be a source of inf ections and affects the health of the community. Considering that there is universal use of soap and water, chances of spreading germs from one person to another are high. Thus handwashing becomes a problem in itself other than a problem solver. This therefore explains why many people would rather remain with dirty hands than expose them to greater danger. Everyone’s health is at this time put in danger as the rate at which the germs are to spread is quite high and the facilitators as well a in large numbers.It becomes apparent therefore that the best thing that one can do is to avoid it at all costs. There is the cost of medication to be looked into. This is the aftermath of handwashing and being infected with the germs that eventually cause diseases. The thought of visiting the hospital about a case of diarrhea is not at all pleasant. For it being a preventable illness indicates uncleanliness and poor hygiene. It would therefore be acceptable to deduce that while it is very much recommendable for one to wash their hands, there is also the need for great caution. In thinking that one is preventing germs and their spread, he may actually be getting more than he already has in his hands and thus exposing himself to danger of getting sick.Washing hands is therefore a very careful task that should not be overlooked or assumed (Curtis, 2002). Much as one might wash hands, it does not necessarily mean that they are really clean. One should then use the appropriate materials, which are clean water and soap. In doing so, one will be doing himself a lot of good and not just to himself but the other people as well. Just like we have seen, the other people’s health is very much affected by the individual’s hygiene. Public handwash is therefore both good and bad, as we have seen in the discussion above. This however does not mean that the public handwash should be done away with.References:Roberts, C. (2001). The food safety information handbook. Ory x Press.Larson, E., et al (2003). Short-and long-term effects of handwashing with antimicrobial or plain soap in the community. Journal of community health, Vol.28The journal (Newcastle, England,) (2006,December 16). How to avoid flu and colds this Christmas.Curtis, V. (2002,Oct): Health in your hands Lessons from building public-private partnerships for washing hands with soap, Retrieved September 29, 2007 from:

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Influence of Digital Media on Education Essay - 1908 Words

A great man once said, â€Å"If we teach today’s students as we did yesterdays, we are robbing them of tomorrow.† His name was John Dewey. He was an American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer whose ideas have been influential in education and social reform. This man is the inspiration for many enthusiastic educators, who wish to evolve education as the world around us changes, especially with the rapid reforms bestowed upon the education world through this monster that we call digital media. There is no running away from the fact that digital media has already changed the world. It’s not going to stop altering the world it was created in anytime soon. So human beings have taken advantage of this fact. Since digital media†¦show more content†¦You can earn these credits simply by passing the examinations, which are usually more difficult than easy. The CLEP system allows students to basically take the final exam of an entry-level college course, without ever having to take the course. This website I utilized and came to appreciate is You have to pay a monthly subscription, which is totally worth it if you apply yourself. There is no instructor for the study guides and test samples provided by the websites creators. It’s simply you and the books. Raw learning at its finest. Of course, there are also online tutoring programs, which provide private tutors for virtually all-academic subjects. Live online courses (much like CMST 301) are available to students of all ages. I would like to point out the difference between an online college course, and an online tutoring program. UMUC’s online program is the perfect example of an online college, where students earn actual college credits that apply towards an official college degree. Then there’s academic tutoring programs, such as, which I mentioned previously. Another fine example of an online tutoring program is the The Princeton review does not offer college credits; it simply aids motivated students in their understanding of whatever subject matter they are pursuing. The concept of â€Å"learning everywhere† has never been easier, thanks to digital media. â€Å"Digital learning not only takes place onlineShow MoreRelatedThe Impact Of Technology On Education809 Words   |  4 Pagestechnology has been able to assert its influence is in the digitization of every perspective of human life. Most of the human activities have adopted a technology; a move normally referred to as digitizing, in their operation. Education has not been left behind. There has been an incorporation of the digital process of learning at all levels of education. The process has a very large influence on the field of education today. Before the introduction of technology in education, learning was being done basedRead MoreHow Does Digital Media Influence Us?953 Words   |  4 PagesHow Does Digital Media Influence to You Did you know that cellphone are popularized suddenly in recent Africa? According to â€Å"Pew Research Center,† there are only one-in-ten people had a mobile phone in Tanzania, Uganda, Kennya and Ghana in 2002. However, the number of people who have a cellphone is growing, and cellphone ownership become common today even two percent of them had landline phone. In the research, they use cellphone for sending massages, taking a picture or video, making or receivingRead MoreThe Influence of Books on the Past and Present Literacy850 Words   |  3 PagesThe article describes the influence of religious books such as the bible on the past and present states of literacy. Past literacy based on religious books shows the origin of the biblical practices of exorcism and the culture of Protestantism in England. It describes the superstitions surrounding the early forms of education and the difficulty they bring as regards the understanding of religious books. The article shows that the understanding of the bible influenced the present state of literacyRead MoreMedia and Mass Communications Development on a Healthy Mature Culture1200 Words   |  5 PagesMedia and Mass Communications development on a Healthy Mature Culture This argumentative essay is specially made to discuss the possibility for media and mass communication to nurture the development of a healthy, mature culture. Overall, the process of media and mass communication media development has already caused changes in the public sphere. The digitalization of media dramatically increases the chances of the people to get an access to the information, which is transferredRead MoreWhat Would The World Be Without Books, Magazines, And Newspapers848 Words   |  4 Pagescomputer and the internet. I see the transitioning of print media forms to digital as another significant invention of our times. I remember the days I had to go to the library to do research for a paper. Now, I do the research using the internet without leaving the house. The desire to find effective ways to deliver to a wider range of audience has contributed to a transition of many books, magazines, and newspapers from printed to digital forms (From Gutenberg’s Movable). The best way for me toRead MoreHow is technology affecting the younger generations perceptions of morality and the world?1399 Words   |  6 Pagesworld? The advent of the internet signaled a revolutionary shift for society, in which participation in massive amounts of information was easily and rapidly accessible to any connected country. This digital revolution gave rise to monolithic digital communities that dominate the web and strongly influence the globe; Twitter helped Belarusian youth organize flash-protests against their authoritarian government in 2006, while Wikileaks continues to serve as a public international clearing-house for whistle-blowersRead MoreThe Political Context Of Education1504 Words   |  7 PagesAustin State University Fall 2013â€Æ' Final Exam The political context of education today has a lot to do with how its purpose has changed over time. Throughout history, there have been two competing purposes of education –public aims and advancing the interests of individual economic consumers who want more societal access and advantage (Labaree, 2011). These two competing views have illustrated the evolution of the purpose of education from keeping the faith, to preserving the republic, to stimulatingRead MoreThe Impact Of Digital Media On The World Of Trade, Commerce, Education, And Politics1250 Words   |  5 Pagestend to be more interested in popular trends and lean to updated elements. For example, prior to the emergence of mobile technology, people used to consume digital media contents by using their desktop or laptop computer. However, nowadays, people are using mobile phones more than any other types of devices to access any type of digital media (Small Business Authority, 2014). To exploit this trend, organizati ons must keep track with changing mobile technology to remain competitive. Design of responsiveRead More The Influence of Technology on Literature Essay1697 Words   |  7 PagesThe Influence of Technology on Literature This essay will discuss the way new technologies have influenced some of the areas of literature. Whilst the writer of this essay acknowledges the development of cyber books for their pure entertainment value, this essay will focus on the influence of new technology in the practical advances in the literature and associated industries. This includes the influences that new technology has had on the entertainment aspect, the educational aspect, the industryRead MoreHow An Organization Utilizes The Power Of Digital Media Essay1508 Words   |  7 PagesThe advent of digital media in today’s day and age has widened and ultimately transformed how organizations communicate with prospective and current customers. Web videos, e-books, and social media have each shaped the communication strategies organizations employ to engage customers. Organizations are fundamentally changing the business ecosystem by using digital media tools in unique and creative ways. Synopsis This case study will aim to demonstrate examples of how an organization utilizes